Fox News Distorting the News Again?

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Come on now if we talk about other news organizations that are not honest with news stories we have to talk about Fox news, and here recently they have been really allegedly biased in their reporting as an example, a new teaser allegedly made the statement, that “why is the woman that blew the whistle on Meg Whitman, still in the US?”

So lets examine that statement, first, they use the word Blew the Whistle, but as far as we can tell Meg, did nothing wrong, not so much as a fart in church, so how is that a responsible news statement?

How is the professional news?

Answer, it is not, in the old days, they would have called that yellow journalism.

So if that is accurate is fox news yellow?

The facts may not yet be in however, this viewer and supporter is getting tired of the Psychological attacks on people, using innuendo, and slight, as a weapon, (allegedly)

This is just too much to take, and to tell you the truth Fox news is walking a fine line between what a news company should be doing and what a tabloid newspaper, (rag) is doing, but you know what else, I hope they wake up to what they are doing because I have been a loyal viewer since 2000 but not for much longer, because I don’t have to watch the garbage that comes out those peoples mouths.