Fox news distorting the news?

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Is fox news distorting the news?

Just have to ask, because we keep seeing all this negative talk and use of buzz words.

So what is going on with Fox, why are they playing games with words, because it seems as if this is just stupid crap.

We keep seeing, the use of the word activists, in fox news dialogs, why is that?

This is just not what we have come to expect from fox news.

No less then 5 different times this morning on Fox news they have used the term activists, when referring to the Tea party.

This is what NBC, and CBS and MSNBC, does, so why that is what I wonder why do they do this because those networks, are not at the top of the ratings charts.

So why are people at fox news doing that?

Answer that question, because for some reason I am beginning to see some very disturbing trends over at fox news.

The correct term for the Tea party, is Supporter, just like every other party in this election cycle, the term Activism, is is derogatory.

As such that is wrong, shame on fox news for using such terms on the air, it is not only unfair but stupid.

Why is this alleged, spin happening because it really seems odd, that fox news may be playing games with the news.

What is going on over there, who is in charge of production because it looks like some liberal garbage.

What is going on at Fox news?

Why are they playing games, why are they acting allegedly stupid?