fox news biased against trump

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The truth has its consequences.

Looking at how biased fox news bobble heads are talking its interesting to see how these bandicoots operate.

Is it really fair to blame the poor bobble heads?

They are just reading off the screen right?

What the producers or the “Players” at fox news tell them to do right?

They don’t really have an opinion of their own and if they did they would not be allowed to express it. 



For more than a decade, Fox News Channel has attributed its success to conservatives tuning in for their programming. For years, hosts Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity have enjoyed incredible success with millions of viewers. They have always left competitors – CNN and MSNBC – in the dust, and went on to compete against large cable channels for impressive viewership numbers.


But that just changed! Fox News, largely thanks to their biased treatment of conservative businessman Donald J. Trump and ignoring Dr. Ben Carson in the GOP debates, has now seen a dramatic dip in their “perception” with the Republican Party’s base.

Several studies have confirmed: Conservatives no longer trust Fox News for “fair and balanced” coverage: