foreclosure problems

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Is this the end of our housing market, with millions of homes “under water” a term to describe a situation that occurs when more money is owed, on a home than it is worth or will ever be worth.

Will your Fanny need a bail out next?

How about your Freddy, in fact, is there fraud?

How can you expect to get a loan when the banks will not loan any money out?
This is a huge problem folks, prepare for the worst.

What is going on and why is it happening, more importantly.

Who knew what and when did they know it?

Will this become a serious problem, chances are good, if your looking into that magic 8 ball, know this, if congress does not act soon on this issue, the entire industry could allegedly collapse.

The idea here is that foreclosure has stopped all over the USA, it has been delayed.

There could be as many as 5 million foreclosures waiting on proper paperwork.

Many are reporting that this could be the beginning of a pitch by congress for a bailout of the banks, yet again.

This is sort of just crazy.



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