food stamp fiasco

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Hey, what is going on in Washington…

Ok, this is crazy, but apparently true, allegedly democrats, ( The Champion of the Poor and under privileged) Are prepared to take food out of the mouths of starving infants, (allegedly) probably not, but you never know what might happen next in this white house.

What is wrong, with democrats, why are they saying one thing but doing something different?

They say one thing but do another, do they think your stupid?

Wait, I guess we all know the answer, to that dont we, you know what, after see the arrogance, seeing the corruption, seeing the lies, blaming their problems on everyone else but them, it is time to vote them out of office.

We want to know and many voters want to know as well, because no one wants to see people who need food starve because of stupidity and this is what that may be.

Is it that important? To take food away from poor people?

This is just plain wrong, why do liberals say one thing but do another.

Where we come from that is called lying…

Think about it, perhaps you may have a hard time voting for someone else, because your parents voted democrat, but you know what it is time to rethink this loyalty thing, enough is enough, congress is out of control, the white house is not doing what it said they would do, so watch what they do and not what they say.

vote them out, 2010.

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I know one thing for sure, this white house has no connection with people that are on food stamps or they would not be looking to cut the food stamp program in favor of a nutrition initiative, that will not be followed, no matter how much you try you cannot change half a century of habits, in just the last two years of what this white house has left.

Yes, people eat food that is bad for them, and even though they know it, the chances that you will be able to influence behavior in a group of people that you cannot identify with nor will they ever, be able to identify with people that have to depend on food stamps to eat.

Why, because they are liberals, the same kind of liberals that often say let them eat cake….

Vote them out, do your self a favor.