Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative

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The truth about how Medical Marijuana and what it means to the growing list of states that allow it.

In many ways for years there has been an issue with the use of cannabis and its related products that have been sold for years in many states.

While there are demonstrated  issues that are a by product of legal medical marijuana the fact is that for some people it is something that can help in the treatment of some medical conditions.

It could be that for some people the proper use of medical marijuana might actually help and yes it is true that there are some that will abuse the system.

The thing is there are some people that will use medical marijuana when there is little or no reason to do so.

They are those people that would take this medication and use it as a recreational drug, they are going to do that anyway.

You can reduce the number of people who do this however you cant stop them from actually going out and buying it on the streets.

You can call it a gateway drug, but in essence almost every thing is a gateway drug and the most important thing to consider is that the number one gateway drug has not been effectively regulated.

The identity of that  gateway drug might surprise you.

Cigarettes are the single biggest gateway drug period.

Or could it be something else?

Like Alcohol…

Yes, 20 years of anti cigarette commercials, on TV on the radio, on various forms of media, have not deterred the overall use of this drug.

Using cigarettes can lead to alcohol use and other drugs. 

It is a fact that it is a short hop skip and a jump from cigarettes to alcoholic beverages.

The truth about almost everything in life is that making a smart choice can be difficult and more than anything else, it is most important to realize that you cannot stop people from making poor choices, you can make it illegal, you can throw people in jail, you can ostracize them from society, but nothing you try to do will stop that small percentage of the population that are going to do what they want to do regardless of the consequences.