Federal Judge Killed?

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Updated news, Federal judge John M Roll was shot and killed, it is a terrible thing to begin the day to later not be able to finish it, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those that lost loved ones, speculation at to a political motive is premature and has no place yet many people online including the Huff Puff and I will blow you website.

source Judgepedia

Roll became the Deputy County Attorney for Pima County dealing with criminal cases until 1980. In 1980, Roll joined the US Attorney’s Office as an Assistant US Attorney for the District of Arizona until 1987. While with the US Attorney’s Office, Roll led the organized drug crimes task force, specializing in large drug cases.

If as reported by various news agencies, a fine man has been killed, it might well be linked with border activity in the coming days, sadly this could have been prevented, had sufficient security detail been made available.

This did not have to happen, while you cannot stop every attempt every time, you can have enough security to stop most of them and in this case allegedly there was not enough staff on site to stop the attempt.

It is a sad day when we have such violence in our border regions, and that is the end result here.

This took place in a border region, it is possible that the target was not Gabby as her friends call her but actually the judge.

source Judgepedia

Judge Roll in 2009, faced death threats after presiding over a $32 million civil-rights lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by illegal immigrants against an Arizona rancher. After Judge Roll ruled the case would be certified, threats came from talk-radio shows which fueled controversy and spurred audiences into making threats against the judge.

It is beginning to look as if this was a situation that was not properly handled and could have been prevented, still the immigration issue is center stage and many people in Arizona feel as if they are not being represented in the very state in which they live.

It is a sad thing when Washington files lawsuits challenging a states right to secure its borders.