Fake Crypto News?

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Can you trust the internet to tell the truth?

Everything these days appears to be at some point faked including news about crypto. 

You can see this kind of thing with stocks too… 

Every time there is a drop in stock prices or crypto prices or the market there is usually a news story about how the reason why stocks or crypto prices drop is something like the FED increasing interest rates. 

Is that really true?

The answer is NO it is not true and it is not even close to the truth but more of a totally faked situation. 

There is a thing in the market that is often referred to as FUD

Fear Uncertainty Doubt. 

Which is really self explanatory however it does bring up the question Why?

Why do they do this because most people probably do not know the truth in the first place so why bother?

The real truth is more likely that (the people who publish these stories) are more interested in telling a lie that sounds somewhat true and why is that?

Simple really. 

IF investors and traders knew the real truth they would probably sell… 

But because lies are published on websites like google search then you have a situation where the pubic do not become fully aware of what is really going on until the price drops so low that the truth actually comes out. 

crypto lies

But it was the failure of FTX and four Bank failures….

An excellent example was the very recent bank failures which revolved around some banks that had crypto exposure. 

They published that it was the FED that caused the market to drop but in a few days the truth came out that in fact banks had failed… 

Had investors known that those banks were about to fail and google had published the truth investors and traders would have sold assets at a much higher price. 

This appears to be something that happens more often than you might think. 

Today in fact when you search for why the price of Eth crypto is not going back up after the bank failures and the FTX debacle you might think that its the FED… 

The truth though is that it is far more likely that the price of Eth is not going back up because people are selling the staked etc they earned during the time which they could not withdraw the Eth they had staked but now they can and they are selling it. 

The problem with Crypto is that people do not understand how it works and they can be fooled by fake news on google or other search engines. 

When you see the market prices go down and continue to go down there is always a reason and it is never the reason you see published on some websites. 

So a good rule to remember is that just because you see a publication claiming one thing for a down market does not make it true. . .