Fact Checking the Fact Fact Checkers.

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Facebook lies…

when you see this you have to wonder just why they are so afraid…

So what is a fact?

What? So, the fact checkers just say false, with nothing to really support what they are pretending is the truth. (So what they are saying is that because some people do not believe the truth that God is really in charge of the earth that we people are just a small part of this world… We have nothing to do with the weather, we cannot make it rain we cannot make it snow, we cannot make it hot we cannot make it cold, we cannot do anything to this earth that God does not allow to happen. . . So to all those fact checking fact fact fact checkers, who do not believe in God… Good Luck with that. . .

So these so called, (related articles) they are not really articles at all and that is the beginning of the lies that facebook is engaging here.
What this should say is that it is propaganda aka lies designed to deceive.

Science or pseudoscience
Is this something that is supported by more than just one test?Perhaps done under specific circumstances designed to elicit a set response?   Could it be managed much like polls are now managed to bring about a pre-conceived idea or develop a new one based on biased means. 

Polls are manipulated all the time and so are fact checking websites, they are manipulated to appear to show you a truth based on a certain way of using a word that appears to contradict the truth but only for people that are not really able to tell the difference between the truth and the lies told on facebook.

You just pay the company doing the poll and you get what you pay for…

Could it be done the same way with science?

You bet it can and on top of that it has been done over and over again for many years even as far back as the early 1800s and likely before that as well. 

Books like bad science a book exposing many (but not all) the terrible pseudo science which is seriously flawed in many different ways.   

But apparently facebook does not like to have the truth show up without trying to refute the truth with lies. 

Fact Checking Liars. 

So how can you find out what the truth is when you have a third party constantly lying to you about everything with almost no proof that they are right and you are wrong…

Still we know the truth when we see if and when we hear it right?

Yes, that is something that is correct, the truth reveals itself  to those with the wisdom to see and understand it. 

So the next time you see this. 

Just know that if facebook believes that they have to lie to you multiple times then that is the truth and facebook is the lie.

Hello, this is not a related article, this is propaganda and that is the lie…