is the facebook movie real?

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I wonder how people feel about facebook knowing that allegedly, the guy behind it is an alleged cheat.

or could this be an elaborate, guise to make even more money…

This is an amazing story and one frankly that is scary, what if this had happened to you how would you feel about someone taking your alleged idea and running with it?

Facebook, chances are you have used it perhaps you still do, how does it make you feel that you may have helped rip off people, allegedly.

Will the facebook movie be the successful or will it flop, the truth may not be known for some time, but it is interesting to watch the news coverage of what they say happened.

facebook movie trailer will this movie really pay off or will it flop, if it pays off in the end or will It be what they say in the movie is true, then this guy is alleged trash.
Did the Billionaire really steal an idea that he was hired to create?
If this is true it is not only sad but evil, more evil than you can imagine, there are so many people that want to live the dream of making it big in online marketing, before this story there were many others, like and so many before it, think about which sold for a huge amount of money, it started out as an idea.
facebook movie, it does make you mad, you learn and you try to keep your wits about you but you know the next internet millionaire might be sitting next to you at your favorite restaurant, who knows for sure.
Intellectual property, is a huge legal opportunity these days, the idea that you can steal what ever you want and make a billions or ten, billion, and get away with it.
So will this movie, be popular and who will make the money?
Will the movie make millions and millions, or will it likely flop?
Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher the film tells a story, a story that many people feel is allegedly accurate, Zuckerberg a young Billionaire, made his money from facebook as a publishing platform and advertising agency.
It is just amazing to see this story come out, I mean we heard rumors about the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Scenario, and how many people have in the past been a victim of these alleged low life jack wagons.
Wronged, might be a better movie title, but the truth may never see the light of day, one rumor is that allegedly 65 million dollars was paid as a settlement, but in a fox news story we learn that allegedly there may have been some fraud alleged, which would entitle the winklevoss twins to as much as four times the amount of settlement.
Naturally, this has been allegedly denied by the alleged, infamous owner and 26 year old billionaire.
Watch the movie trailer here.
facebook movie trailer