facebook crime?

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More users are complaining about ads on facebook which are actually fake websites that are designed to sucker trusting facebook users into giving over their credit card numbers to criminals.

This is a huge problem and it is something that keeps happening.

TeslaCoin Scam via Facebook & Email Ads

Cybersecurity firm Avast identified a TeslaCoin scam circulating via Facebook ads and email in August 2022 that encouraged victims to pay $250 to create an account and invest in a fraudulent crypto-investing platform.

There are many alleged borderline scam ads that are showing on Facebook from credit card number (scams) where you see a product at a nice price, (usually too good to be true) inviting you to make a purchase by entering your name, email, phone number and credit card number. 

They often will state that due to high demand there will be a delay in shipping but that your credit card number will not be charged until they have received more stock. 

This is the scam and most people do not realize how it works. 

When you enter your credit card number you think that you will eventually get the product they are advertising. 

That is not true, what is really happening is that they sell your credit card number to a criminal enterprise. 

Those criminals then (manufacture a credit card with that information on it)  they then begin to make purchases in other states, usually many miles away. 

You will never receive the order you think you are ordering because what is really happening is that you are giving your credit card number to criminals that are advertising on Facebook. 

Facebook allegedly is doing little or nothing to stop these criminals from advertising.  

When you report one of these ads what happens is that they always say ad not removed. 

Why is that?

It could be that they do not want to admit that they should not have allowed that advertisement in the first place and that by admitting that the ad was a violation they could be admitting that Facebook is responsible for the loss experienced by the victims of that criminal activity. 

Is that honest?

No, the solution to criminal’s advertising on Facebook would be for Facebook to block these ads before consumers face a financial loss. 

In one instance a company advertised a weed eating attachment. 

When you see the advertisement on Facebook they show a video showing the product being used to weed landscaping it looks like a real time saver. 

The problem comes when you click on the Ad you go to a website that looks like you can order the product. 

But as part of the webpage, they say orders will take six weeks to deliver and that your credit card will not be charged until your order ships. 

So, the unsuspecting victim enters their credit card number and places an order. 

The problem is that there is no product, what you just did was to give the alleged criminals access to your credit card number, your name, your phone number, your shipping address. 

They now have everything they need to duplicate your credit card number and then allow even more criminals to take that fake credit card and make purchases. 

This happened… 

In one case where an order was placed from a Facebook ad linked to a fake website purchases were made at a Walmart in San Antonio Texas, $186.43

Followed by even more purchases at Target and other retail locations. 

The credit card company never called. 

The following Monday we called the credit card company and only then did we understand what had really happened. 

There could be millions of dollars in losses which allegedly Facebook could take action to help prevent this fraud which is allowed to exist on Facebook because so many Facebook users never think that Facebook would allow this to happen to them because they trust Facebook. 

But in this case it is very possible that Facebook is just not trustworthy. 

Use caution when dealing with Facebook advertising. 

IF the price seems too good to be true… 

It probably is.. 

scams scams scams

Things you can do to help identify criminal advertising on facebook.

Try a search online for that company that offers that product. 

(Is the price higher)  check the address for the company different that the one you see on the (probably fake website advertised on Facebook?) 

Do they offer a PayPal option for payment?

Most of these fraud and crime websites advertised on Facebook want one thing your credit card number.  (So they usually will not accept PayPal) 

But if they do accept PayPal that does not mean that the website is real it could be setup in order to get your personal information which they will then sell. 

The truth here is that it is very possible that Facebook is not acting the your best interests. 

Why would Facebook do that?

Simple because allegedly they make money from those alleged criminals that pay money to advertise on Facebook. 

Facebook makes money on these fake Ads… 

Just be aware that you may not be safe clicking on advertisements on Facebook.