Facebook Ads

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If you have spent any time on facebook you know that often you will see advertising every other post or even more.

In fact many people complain about all of the advertising on facebook.

There is one viral “post” that people tend to share which basically states that in order to start seeing more posts from your friends you need to copy and paste a statement about which they (show you) and then if you do this you will see a whole new feed with fewer advertisements and more posts from friends you may not have heard from in years.

Of course this is completely false.

It does appear to work but what is really happening is that allegedly when you post that information in its text form (facebook) advertising platform then resets your feed, (you are not free from advertising) what is happening is that facebook uses a computer to analyse your facebook feed, they do this so they can target you and your friends with more advertising.

So, it looks like it works but in reality it does not work.

The only way to reduce the amount of advertising is to use that X in the top corner of those advertisements.

You do this by not clicking on the AD…

What this means is that when you see an AD, click on the X so that the AD goes away.

The more you do that the more content you will see from your friends.

When you post that “viral” text post what you are doing is targeting your facebook feed and your ALL your facebook friends with more advertising.

Yes, you might see less advertisements at first but in a few days both you and your friends that also copied this so called viral text, will start to see all new ads.

Do not fall for this fake text which they claim will help you “reclaim” your facebook feed because that is not what is happening at all.