exit polls faked?

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Who is right on the exit polls or are they real at all?

Exit polls, that elusive, beast that seems to be so strange to most people, in fact most of those so called exit polls allegedly are faked.

But how can that be?

Well for one thing, exit polls are notorious, for being well not accurate at all, used to be that the liberal media was able to get away with doing anything they wanted in the name of news.

These days, people are enlightened, in fact they are no where near as stupid as the media seems to think that they are.

Sadly, these so called smart media people who think they are smarter than anyone else are no where near as smart as they think they are, which in some ways is a little funny.

But back to the exit polls, the number one reason exit polls are not accurate is that people still view voting information as private and will often tell the exit poller anything to get that smarmy person out of their faces, and who can blame them after all they have this attitude that they wear on their sleeves that says we are smarter than you are, by the way who did you vote for, and guess what happens, that person is sitting there thinking allegedly that these liberal news jerks think they are smarter than anyone else, so I will teach them a lesson they will not forget and they just make up a vote.

Yep you have it in one, it is none of the exit pollsters business and so most of the time, you get invalid data.

But again, the news people who think they are so smart, dont know this, because well they are not as smart as they think that they are.

Just take it with a grain of salt and consider the source, if they are slanting the news most of the time, how can they be trusted to accurately report the news when it counts, answer, they cant.

That is why exit polls are just about worthless.

Unless your one of those Oh so smart, little news reporters, then well its every thing.