Equal Protection of Children?

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Should we not equally protect our children as we also do the judges and lawyers at court houses?

Would it not be just as effective?

Why after the first mass shooting in modern history that took place at a school have we not done the right thing…

That has to be a serious question…

Why do the democrats cry disarm the people?

What foolish notions must abound in the heads of these people?

The real question that everyone should be asking at this point is Why have we not protected our children in the same rigorous manner that we do our courthouses…


Are our children not important enough to warrant protection?

Do old men sitting in black robes and lawyers who put the poor and the common man behind bars deserve more protection than our children?

When will America Wake up to the fact that courthouses are better protected than 99 percent of the rest of the nation…

When was the last time that you saw someone show up at a court house with rifles or guns and bags of ammunition?

Ahhh, nope can’t think of a single case where someone showed up at the front doors of the court house with the intent of doing what was done at so many of these schools.

There have been a very few instances where a criminal did get a weapon away from a guard but again not that much damage with the exception of a case or two where perhaps one adult may have lost their lives.

The point here is a simple one. 

Criminal behavior is easy to predict. 

They will not take on a hardened target opting rather for the soft target where it is easy to access.

The truth here is that for some reason we as a nation are not taking the threat to our children serious enough to do something that will stop this kind of behavior.

Banning guns will not work. 

Banning knives will not work. 

Banning bad behavior will not work. 

The only thing that is going to be effective is an armed presence.

The way this last incident should have ended was before the shooter became a threat to children.

When faced with this fact and knowing that few if any armed conflicts ever arise at the front doors of a courthouse you can only come to one inescapable conclusion.

Given the proper amount of security we can protect our children.

Failure to take action is a failure to protect our kids…