Election Fraud?

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Remember back a few months ago when the price of Gasoline was lower.

Back when the prices at Grocery stores was not so high that you cant believe the prices…

Back when the Media said that there was no such thing as election fraud?

Well, since that time a lot of things have happened.

Democrats have run and hid.

They have found that no matter what the media tried to hide or cover up the truth started coming out.

Is it possible that we might be watching the flash point at which socialism begins to collapse.

Is it possible that Cuba might become a free nation even as the media begin to cover up again the truth behind what is happening there…

In reality all you have to do to stop the media from its lying forked tongues is to stop buying the products they promote.

That is really all you have to do.

The truth is about to come spilling out and it is going to shock a lot of people that watch the media and believe everything that they say.

I know people who are left leaning liberals.

Even though we do not see things the same way we are still friends.

Even they cannot believe all the garbage that the democrats are engaged in.

Even they are not going along with this nonsense.

The truth will be liberated!