Egg In Flation

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The price of Eggs in most areas have become too high and we see the Media are making excuses for the high cost of eggs “saying that bird flu has caused the price to go up”. But is that really true?

In one headline   

Record-high profits at the top egg company, should be investigated said Farm Action on Thursday in a letter to FTC chair Lina Khan.

Cal-Maine Foods, which controls 20% of the retail egg market, reported quarterly sales up 110% and gross profits up more than 600% over the same quarter in the prior fiscal year, according to a late December filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company pointed to decreased egg supply nationwide due to avian flu driving up prices as a reason for its record sales. 

reported by Reuters

The company has had no positive avian flu tests on any of its farms.

So, how can it be that this company has increased its profits by more than 600 percent???

That really is something to think about… 

Is it really true that bird flu is causing the price of eggs to go up even when most companies have not had that problem?

Could it be that the “Bird Flu” story is just an excuse to charge really high prices?

But this is not the first time that the price of grocery items have been high and the story the media “talk about” more than often turns out to be less than honest… 

In fact over the last five years we have seen many situations where the price of many different commodities have risen with a somewhat flimsy “excuse” for why the price went up. 

Several years ago the cost of Plastic containers went from a nominal price of around $4.55 cents to $8.99 and up… 

Then shortly after that a story came out from the media that the cost of plastic had to go up because the price of oil went up… 

This was the story… 

But the truth is not as easy to figure out… 

The idea was that since some plastic products use oil in the process of making plastic (though not as much as you might think) The cost of plastic containers, (like tubs, totes and other containers) went much higher going up to $22.00 for what had been less than $5.00

What is really even more concerning is the fact that even after the cost of oil went down… 

The price of plastic products still remained higher. 

In fact even now the cost is in some ways higher than the previous higher cost with some containers averaging $30 to $40 dollars. 

Why is this happening?

Why are we being forced to pay higher and higher prices with almost no real (reason) except that the media come up with what is kind of like a cover story. 

In many ways this might be a way to increase profits at the expense of the consumer and that is something that should not be happening. 

Another thought is that it is possible that the reason why so many things are going up high in cost is that there is little reason to worry about getting caught. 

When you see a situation where law enforcement appears to be incapable of enforcing these issues along with what looks like agencies that look the other way when something becomes a problem and that can lead to this kind of price manipulation. 

What seems to be so unbelievable is that there is a distinct possibility that large companies are profiting from these market manipulations by trading and by the use of options. 

This could be prevented. 

There are actually laws against this kind of thing… 

So, we end up right back where we started…

When laws are ignored and enforcement becomes either impossible or ignored we find that we end up paying ridiculous prices for eggs and many other things. 

Is it right to charge more for groceries just because you can get away with doing it… 

After all consumers are powerless for the most part and there is little that they can do about the cost of items they need to live a decent life in this nation and around the world. 

It is a serious problem and one that apparently for the time being no one is benefiting from this issue except for what could be termed as a profiteer.