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Good Bad or Ugly?

We have a terrible economy but the Media seem to keep saying that everything is fine.

The real problem here is that the media lie.

They lie about things that they do not even have to lie about so when the media is saying that everything is ok, just know that it is not ok.

They say Soft Landing…

But that is not true either, There will be no soft landing because we have a FED that has been attempting to control inflation by reducing the amount of money that is available to the public.

Higher interest rates hurt the poor people and the middle class.

High interest rates hurt small business.

So the next time you start to think that what the media say is true…

Think again.

According to the conventional wisdom, the Federal Reserve has managed to achieve only one soft landing in the past 60 years—in 1994–1995.

That is not a good track record at all folks.

So, tighten your straps because there will be a recession and it is going to be a bad one.