Dumping Twitter

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Today Thousands upon Thousands of people are leaving the Twitter Publishing Platform!

After Twitter Permanently banned the President of the United States of America from its publishing platform.

So, I left Twitter behind.

But not before leaving them with this.

We have a serious problem in this nation and one that may create great injustice going forward in a nation where more than half the population do not agree with the Media and Big Tech as well as the Democrats.

What will America Look like when it is no longer America.

What will happen when Democrats take in God we trust off of the money?

I think you know it just as millions of Americans know it!

The America that our Fathers fought and died for is fading from existence because of the democrats and the media.

It is a sad day in America but even more difficult is watching this nation disappear.


  1. cease to be visible.”he disappeared into the trees” · synonyms:vanish · pass from sight · cease to be visible · vanish from sight ·
    • cease to exist or be in use.”the tension had completely disappeared”synonyms:die out · die · become extinct · cease to be/exist · be no more ·
    • (of a thing) be lost or impossible to find.”my wallet seems to have disappeared”synonyms:get lost · go missing · be mislaid · be forgotten · be left behind · be stolen · be taken
  2. cause to disappear, as by consumption.”statistics show that the community disappears about 200 pounds of cabbage a year”