Gas prices

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Well drill everywhere but in the US where some estimated and alleged, 50 thousand jobs have been lost, and Millions and millions of dollars in revenue have been lost over the last two to four years.

Drill in Brazil but not the US?

Loan Brazil Billions of dollars but nothing to American Companies?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

In so many ways, the high cost of Gas at the pump can be traced right back to the ban on oil drilling in the gulf coast, which some say have been allegedly delayed, by the failure of Washington to act on behalf of American Oil Companies that could be producing Oil but are not because they are having some alleged problems getting authority to resume drilling operations, (allegedly)

It is amazing to see the high cost of Gas and then we see where the US is loaning and allowing foreign companies to drill on US oil fields in the gulf? (allegedly)

My friends, this is just taking it too far, Americans need the hope and change that they voted for in 2008 because so far this is not that.