Donut hole eliminated? is there a hole in your wallet?

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Do you see a hole in the talking points of liberals?

The hole is huge, bigger than the Holland tunnel, but hey what up with that, you think that people are that stupid?

Donut hole, really, that is all you got.

I see donuts all over the place, in fact there must be 4500 of them.

Well I wonder how long it will take Fox news to report that the donut hole is very much alive and well in the 2011 medicare policies?

Makes you wonder if they are just allegedly stupid or if they are intentionally misleading viewers?

On fox news we have seen several people including several high profile liberals that have said that the medicare donut hole or Gap in coverage has been eliminated under the health care deform law, however, that is just not true.

Looking at the 2011 medicare forms the gap exists and is still very much alive, which means that there will be allegedly many older folks that well be dead because of this gap that the liberals, say has been eliminated, but the truth is that is has not been and it is present in all the medicare forms for 2011, so why has fox news not challenged liberals on this out right and alleged lie?

We don’t know for sure, but it seems like fox news would do the right thing.

We wonder why the reporters do not challenge this notion that the coverage gap has been eliminated?

Is it because Fox news reporters just do not know the topic they are discussing?

Because if that is true then that would suggest that Fox news reporters are just not very well educated.

One thing that is sort of confusing, is if the reporters did not know what they were discussing why were they discussing it?

That is something that is very confusing.