dougnut hole lies?

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So when you look at your new health care bill how do you feel about the great and mighty Oz of the health care laws?

Did Harry Reid, really tell the truth? or was it Alleged.

Health care lies?

So what is up with all the commercials on TV showing how great the new Health care laws are helping people with the dreaded doughnut hole.

The commercial allegedly shows two women talking about how great the new stuff is but are the commercials accurate or do they suggest that people are receiving benefits now?

It is confusing because what they say and what they are insulting, your intelligence with are two very different things.

They seem to be saying that the doughnut hole is less due to the health care law but allegedly what they are seem to be saying is that you would get half off during the doughnut hole, but what they are actually saying is you get half off retail priced drugs, they say nothing at all about generic drugs which are usually about 30 percent less than retail, so in reality how much are you really saving, because there is an alleged, 30 percent mark up.

Seems to me allegedly that things have not changed at all, and they are just telling you by allegedly lying to you.

Last year the cost of consumer medications rose sharply, while the coverage cost also rose and the actual coverage actually went down, so your actually paying more for less.

You will not see this news story covered in any of the news companies, which should make you wonder why because this is news.

Medicare Advantage, was gutted last year in preparation for the passage of the new health care law, which means that people actually have been suffering more because of this law not less. (allegedly)