Does social medicine work?

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We know that the old way was not working, yet the new social way (which is not really new at all)

Is not working well either.

Large corporations are running most hospitals and Emergency rooms.

Many of these big companies are accepting large donations by charity to help defray the costs associated with those that tend to use the ER as their only method of obtaining health care.

What is really interesting is that most of these ER locations do not provide the level of care that the charitable donations could and should provide for.

In one location we discovered that the hospital actually took the money that should have gone to help needy people and they built a new facility for wealthy consumers who have insurance.

Health care is in a desperate situation and it is not because of a lack of money or people who have insurance it is a problem with one of the seven deadly sins.


We have greedy corporations that exist at every level imaginable waiting to stick it to the consumer, from medical devices to bandaids, pharmacies to drug companies and at every step of the way someone is going to make a little money from those that are at their weakest.

What kind of a system profits at the expense of the sick and dying?

Insurance companies, medical providers, medical packaging companies, Lab companies, clinics, every step in the chain of evolution of health care is setup to make companies money.

It truly is diabolical but is it better than social medicine?

Yes, it is and here is the reason why that is true.

Social medicine lacks a serious part of what would make it work.


Social medicine is not compassionate, it does not provide a good method of administration.

This is why it will not work and why were in the mess that we’re in now, The answer may be difficult to find, however we must figure this out because continuing down this road is madness.

Going back the way we can is equally mad.

Coming together to figure out how we can move forward is something that must happen and it must happen soon.

There are better ways.