Doctors being harassed pharmacies implicitly ban doctors

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Imagine going to pick up a prescription and finding out that a company like for example walmart or sams has decided to ban your doctor from being able to write a prescription.

That sounds strange right?

Sure it would sound strange but what if say a company like walmart might decide “they do not  like the way that a doctor prescribes medications”

Then as described by a pharmacist they can decide that they will not fill a prescription.

This could be a serious problem more so when you consider that there are thousands of doctors that are frankly deciding to retire rather than deal with all of the harassment by certain government officials.

This is leading to a situation where seriously ill patients are left without life saving medications as well as medications that provide for a quality of life when the illness is incurable and will end in death.

So, what is going on in Washington?

Why are doctors being targeted by washington?

With a serious shortage of doctors and those doctors that are currently practicing in decline, we are facing what might well be an Epidemic without a cure.

This Epidemic is an Epidemic of doctors that is a shortage of doctors or a shortage of qualified personal.

What this means is that more people will likely die.

More people will go undiagnosed and could very well die while our government is focused on the wrong thing.

Our government is focusing on doctors when it is drug dealers that are the problem.

That is so seriously concerning that it is likely the only way to find a cure for this problem will be to pursue a lawsuit.

Why is it that serious?

Yes, it is, we have ten times as many agents focusing on doctors as those that are actively seeking criminal drug dealers on the streets.

The only thing that this is going to do for America is to create distrust, bring a doctor shortage upon those americans that need help the most.

We are facing a man made disaster and the media are not reporting this problem.

This is because the media are reporting drama not the news.

The media want drama they want entertainment, they want to do things that create havoc.

This problem has been an ongoing issue and it is not going away, IF anything it is getting worse.

Now we have agents that are analyzing medications that doctors are prescribing and deciding if that is a good thing to do or not to do.

Meaning that you are no longer in control of your health care but the government is directing doctors about what they feel is best for you..

Are you concerned yet?

You should be because we are not far away from a serious problem that cannot be solved by the government that we have now.

They cannot solve this problem because they are the problem.