DNC in North Carolina

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Do crazy speeches filled with lies mean that people are really as dumb as the democrats think that they are or is this some kind of weird twilight zone thing…

       You are getting very sleepy, you will believe everything I say because I am screaming and trying to take off with my arms windmilling all over the state.

The Democratic National Convention, which is in Charlotte North Carolina appears to be some kind of interesting situation because of the number of people in this city that are in fact not employed by one of the jobs that the democrats claim to have saved or created.

Its likely that many in this city are wondering where all those jobs actually are located.

You are not as smart as you think you are, because we democrats are smarter than you and we know what kind of food you need to eat so you stay healthy, soybean curd is what you want to eat, no salt either or sugar because that would be bad for your weight.

Interesting thing here is that in order to vote the democrats want no burdens put on the poor, they claim that it is a burden to show ones drivers license, but in fact you have to provide proof of your identity to do just about anything, buying over the counter medications, yes you do, buying cigarettes, yes you do have to do that, you have to show your identification when you go down to get a drivers license.

You have to have a copy of your birth certificate and not only a copy but a certified copy with a shiny gold seal and a stamp.

If you drive too fast and get a speeding ticket guess what you have to provide proof of your identity.

Going to the Library?

Yes you bet you have to provide proof of your identity…

Want to rent a Video at blockbuster video, Yes, you got it, you have to show your ID…

Now, get this the Democrats are filing lawsuits suing states over Voter ID laws, which are needed to stop fraud and people from cheating, knowing that every election people who have been dead for years vote tells us we need to protect the privilege of voting by having a reasonable method of identification.

So, if your at the DNC this year and you want to buy a T Shirt, or a Mug, or some other thing with the Logo of the DNC on it, your going to have to do something that is amazing, yes and you know what that is?

You have to show your ID and you have to prove where you live, now I ask you how in the world can someone be so stupid as to insist that to vote you dont need to ID your self but to buy a T shirt you do…

WE have to deal with these people that have no conscious they seem to have no idea what they are doing. . .

But the problem we all face here is that we must vote, it is time to get out and make history by saving this nation.