Dictator in the USA?

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What is going to happen to America?

Will we loose our freedom?

Are we faced with having a dictator in office?

Will we become a third world country…

Are will looking at a government dictator?

This might sound crazy, but you have to ask because anytime, you see such a disparity in what the people of the USA want and what the dictatorial, white house seems to be so bent on pushing on the people of America.

Are we looking at the end of America?

When 80 percent of Americans are not for this health care thing, and the white house still tries to fight America over this insanity, then that says they are not right, they are wrong, because this is by the people for the people, not for the dictator, I never read in the constitution that talks about the government owning car companies, or health care, November is coming,

This country was formed, to escape a tyrannical tax anyone recall taxation without representation.

The constitution is the rule of law in this nation not a dictator.

Vote them out of office.