Democrats shut down government?

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Did we just watch the Senate controlled by the Democrats,

(AKA harry reid, ) failed to pass a huge over blown spending bill, now you might wonder what is going on…

Its amazing, this deal should not have passed the house, but because the democrats tried to set up the republicans by proposing a bill they “thought” the republicans would never vote to pass, we now have a bigger mess.


Simple, The democrats wanted to be able to blame the republicans for not voting to pass the spending bill.

But it backfired on them because the republicans said ok you want to play a game, lets see who flinches first.

When you think about this mess that the senate has deposited on the door of the white house you have to wonder what is going on up there.

They call it a lame duck for a reason and that reason usually means that nothing significant happens.

When will Washington figure out what is going on?

When will they understand the truth that everyone but them seem to understand?


This is not hard, this is not even difficult it is easy.

The economy can be fixed quickly and easily, but washington is creating problems not finding solutions .

Here is it step by step, the easy way to fix the economy and get the people back to work.

1.   Approve the XL pipeline and Approve pending Oil leases in Alaska and the Gulf.

2.  Grant Amnesty to corporations that have Billions of dollars in other nations, lower taxes on corporations that repatriate money back to the US, match funds brought back, match for each new job created and sustained for five years.

3.  Fix the student loan program provide real relief for loans that have long been defaulted, find a way to get help for these people instead of providing huge sums of profit for bill collection companies that end up harassing people who are in the most trouble.

There are many more great solutions to the problems that America faces, but so far Washington just do not seem to get the hint that the voters are telling them.