Democrats in Denial

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There is a process for Grief.

The Democrats are in a state of Denial.

  • DENIAL  Denial is the first of the five stages of grief. It helps us to survive the loss. …
  • ANGER  Anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. …
  • BARGAINING   Before a loss, it seems like you will do anything if only your loved one would be spared.

Sadly there is a really big problem for the Democrats they are not only in denial but they are denying what caused them to loose the election and loose it so very badly.

Want to know more. 

When you consider the results of the election and you start to watch all of the vitriol and shameful behavior of democrats then you have to wonder if they are truly sick, perhaps mentally ill.

The truth here is that the democrats are not fully well and most of America knew this long before this election but the democrats thought that they could run things like they always have and still win.

That is Denial.

Sadly they have not learned anything from this issue.

They are continuing to act like prating children on a play ground.

The problem is that the ball does not belong to them so they can’t take the ball and go home.

What Next?

Well apparently what is next is that they plan on “psyching” out the American People by staying they are going to do what they have been accusing the Republicans of doing all along.

Grid lock, ….

But Wait, there is a really big problem here and its called, they are not in charge and there are not enough of them to make policy.

They lost.

Remember Elections have consequences, …

So now that the republicans have won, what now?

Well now its different right because the shoe is on the other foot, but apparently the democrats do not understand what they did when they had control and passed the affordable care act with only democrats voting.

You could say it was rigged…

Rigged up with only support from democrats so now the democrats say that “hey you can’t repeal this” Well it was passed with only a small amount of support from a small percentage of us voters, it was un popular, it failed.

The reason why it failed was a simple thing, the democrats forgot that Insurance companies are not in it for health care.

They are in the game to make money.

That is a big problem and it is why Obama Care failed.

Everyone likes to talk about Obama care on the side of the news (if you can say we even have news anymore) the problem with that kind of thinking is that it was never accurate.

There never was any health care associated with Obama Care, regardless of what you see on the news, few people had it and the ones that did have it, could not really use it because it was so expensive to use.

With high deductibles, designed to prevent the person who had the policy from actually using it unless there was serious serious problems.

So most people did not have it and the ones that did have it could not use it.

Over all, it was and is a failure.

IT never worked because the bill that was passed failed to consider the fact that insurance companies are corrupt.

The only way that a national health care plan can work is it everyone is working together to make it happen and that means that one thing…

Non Profit…

So, the truth here is that the democrats are in denial and they don’t even know they have lost the election…

When you become that sick, there really is no saving you, because you don’t know your lost in the first place.