Democrats criminal charges coming?

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Obama Wire Tap Scandal?

Could we see something that has never happened before.

Huge news story out today. 

We could be seeing the worst scandal coming out of the Obama Administration that has been accused of wiretapping illegally.

This would make Nixon look like a boy scout. 

This would be a huge issue if it is true that reports coming in indicate that there are serious problems happening.

Over the last three weeks we have seen serious problems.

Now it has been reported that wire taps were sought but denied by the courts. 

This is huge but what is even bigger is that it has also been reported that the wire taps were done anyway. 

Against the Law. 

This was done by some one in the Obama administration.

If this report is true what crimes were committed by the known or unknown persons in this so called shadow government.

This is like a soap opera but were talking about our nation here not a pretend and make believe world where nothing matters.

This is real and now we see what appears to be an organized campaign to destroy our nation.

United States of America is being attacked by these Obama administration officials or is it someone else?

What looks really suspicious.

Is all of these democrats that have been slowing down the peaceful transition of power.

What they have been doing is unheard of in our history it has never happened before.

Could this be the beginning of a criminal corruption probe that would establish once and for all the numerous law breaking officials appointed by the previous administration?

This is big and it there will be more to come.

When you play with fire you get burned.

Democrats are about to face the most serious political firestorm in history and it is happening because they are refusing to do their jobs.

couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.


This could be just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to democrats interfering with the election process and the peaceful transfer of power.