Democrat Party Doomed?

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Is this the end of the Democrat Party?

Is it imploding on National TV with the help of the Media?

It certainly looks like that is the case.


When you examine what is happening and the way that it is happening you can see that the true nature of the democrat party is beginning to emerge.

But is it really fair to say that all of the democrat party is like this?

Well, No its not but just like so many that refuse to stand up and say no to bad behavior by a few of its members in nation states in the middle east by saying nothing and by doing nothing you are in effect condoning and agreeing with the bad behavior of what the minority of people in your organization are doing.

Silence is Agreeance.

What is even more entertaining is the idea that the word agreeance is not a correct word any more and that the grammar police may show up to tell you that using that word is not a correct way to speak the written word.

Yes, it is ironic.

We have a lot of things that are more important than worrying about how someone else chooses to express themselves literally, opps there we go again.

The truth is that most of the democrat rank and file are not for those that are in power now, namely Nancy Peolsi and chuck “dickie” schumer.

The words that come out of there mouths are not what the average voting democrat want to hear.

The words you hear are meant to appeal to a fringe element, (rich people) who are for all practical intents, (allegedly insane)