Democracy or Republic!

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This Nov 8th I voted for America!

I voted for Fairness, I voted for a Republic of the People!

I did not vote for the Media’s Version of Their Democracy where some people are excluded because only some people are counted Worthy. . . 

That is what their version of a democracy is and you can hear this on every news media outlet including Fox News!

You can recognise it when you hear them say “Our Democracy” Meaning you and them as long as you agree with them!

That is what they mean when they say “OUR” 

The moment you point out that we are not a Democracy!

We are a Republic OF THE PEOPLE!

You cease to be a part of their deomcracy!

When they say OUR that means as long as you agree with US!

That is not really even a democracy that is something evil!

When you see these Talking Bobble Heads on CNN, NBC, Fox News, say “OUR Democracy” you should begin to question what they are saying!

When someone on TV who is a Lawyer!   Fails to say our Republic but instead uses the “special” talking point OUR Democracy then you must realise that they are not on your side they are lying to you just as sure as the sun came up this morning, they are lying… 

Of Great Concern… 

The idea that tampering with electronic voting machines is impossible is likely on of the most ignorant ideas ever perpetrated on the voting public. 

They. .. Used to say that the computer is always right… 

But that has been proven to be not only incorrect but also an outright lie. 

Computers are only as good as the people operating them and only as accurate as the software in use on these computers. 

Computer are fallible, they break down, they slow down they break. 

Electronic voting should be safe but it is not safe as we have learned and as we have seen not only in the last four elections but also this election today. 

Electronic problem with vote counting machines are happening again lawsuits have been filed in PA and in AZ and once again we are in a position no one believed would happen again… 

But here we are… 

Yet again facing problems with a computer even after politicians promised this issue could not happen again. 

They said that it would not happen at all but it did happen. 

Just a little curious but why is it that whenever there is an electronic problem that keeps the vote total from being known on Election Night that it is always democrat’s…

But hey its all in our imagination right there was no problem in the last election… You didn’t see what you thought you did…

Then they said that it was all fixed up and never again would we see problems like we saw in 2020… 

But here we are yet again in Arizona ….   

There are electronic voting problems yet again… 

What does it take to get rid of a company that has proven that it cannot be trusted and that what they say cannot be trusted. 

Yet, we once again find that we have a company that has failed once again to do the right thing when it comes to electronic voting. 

The real problem here is that Electronic Voting is a Failure!

Electronic Voting was to be a great money saver so that great numbers of people would not be needed to count the votes…

Electronic voting was to be the great time saver so that all votes could be counted quickly with no errors!

But that has not happened in fact the opposite has happened it is costing much more to run elections now!

More money for machines more money for software!

Electronic Voting machines are a failure and must be eliminated!

When a company or a Product Fail people stop support it by refusing to purchase that companies product…

Sadly State Governments continue to support this company that is a proven failure and they do it with public money!

So why are we still dealing with problems from this company and other like them?

Why? Answer that question and you will have the answer to why we are spending so much money and still do not have the election results! Going on Three years now and still the same problems?
No in real life companies like this Get Fired!

They dont get more money!

They get Fired!