Delusion and Danger

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The events of the past few weeks should be alarming to many Americans.

We have seen a Police Department setup an unsecure and arguably insane setup for a scheduled event where the public safety was put in jeopardy then when the violence started as anyone could have predicted it would have, the police are ordered to stand down.

What is wrong with a city where its citizens are abandoned by the police?

When you look at what happened you have to seriously think about why people who arrived on busses from other locations were allowed to disturb the peace?

They were allowed to do what ever they wanted to do and when people started getting hurt on multiple sides of the issue the police back away and let the violence proceed.

There will be many lawsuits that come from this situation.


This story illustrates the possibility that it is indeed a possible issue that could be proven correct.

The thing here is will anyone actually investigate?

While other news organizations are quick to make statements without any evidence at all, it seems premature to say that all news except for what they put out is false.