Defeat Al Franken

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Remember a few years ago when a man who once wore a diaper as an adult was elected to the Senate by a narrow margin? Yes, We do too, how do you like it now? It is time to put a stop to liberal ignorance in America, Vote them out of office.

Recent polling data shows liberal Democrat Al Franken is in trouble in the polls. A recent Public Policy Polling survey showed Franken is viewed unfavorably by 42% OF VOTERS. If Al Franken is defeated in his upcoming re-election campaign, Democrats could very well lose control of the Senate. And a loss by Al Franken would be an especially crippling blow to Harry Reid – you see Al Franken has been one of Harry Reid’s most loyal lieutenants, regularly campaigning for Reid to rally union members and other Democrat groups to support Reid’s political career.

Our campaign effort will begin with TV and radio ads informing the voters just how radical and leftist Al Franken’s record has been. You can support our independent expenditure campaign to Defeat Al Franken – CONTRIBUTE HERE. Below are photos of Al Franken supporting his close political ally, Harry Reid:

2014 is the time that you can make a difference, voting to send this man packing so he can get on with his comedy career this time not at the expense of the tax payer.