death panels are they here?

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In the end people Die, yes, it is a fact of life, but you know what, when people die it is not up to the doctor, nor is it up to a judge, or even the person that dies, it is not in our nature, however, there are some that would like to decide when a persons life is over and they should die, now that my friends is not only sick but criminal.

Think about this.

Are death panels here and are they the change that you voted for?

It appears that the death panels that Sarah Palin warned us about could in fact be arriving at a medical facility near you soon.

In fact sooner than you think.

In many ways, the higher cost of medications are becoming so high that few people can afford them, and for a group of women who have breast cancer, a drug that allegedly costs 80 thousand dollars a year, may soon be withdrawn from the market if the alleged death panels have their way.

But in all honesty should the cost of medications, be this high?

They say that the drug companies have to recover the cost of research and the cost of testing, while that is understandable in part, does it explain the insanely high cost,

In other cases, the high cost of Life saving medications, in the Us as compared to other nations, is many hundreds of times higher.

One example is the cost of treating Hiv, these medications sell in other countries for as low as 80 cents per dose per day.

In the US for example this same medication is $50.00 per dose.

So in reality, is there a problem that should be adjusted?

Or should we just cut it all off and let them just die?

Is that the hope and change you voted for?