Dangers strangers and the internet

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You know there are a lot of dangerous things going on these days and its not happening on the local street corner like it used to be and still is in some places.

There are some places where people are getting taken for their money and there is no sheriff.

There is no one that will help these people that end up loosing often lots of money.  

You might think that you could go to the local police and complain about being a victim of internet fraud, but in that you would be wrong.

Most local police stations will stare at you blankly because they do not even know much about how the internet works.

Most do not even have a website,
(they have Facebook which is not the same thing at all)

Most of the time if you find yourself a victim of fraud or you purchased something and ended up loosing money or some other equally moral issue, then usually your just out of luck…

But what about those websites that sell these borderline products that are often just waiting to take innocent peoples money?

As an example we found this website, JVZOO.COM

This company does not sell products they sell services to those that sell products, so they make money when sellers come to the marketplace.

Ebay started out much the same way, but they did something unique they took responsibly not because they wanted to mind you…

They did it because legally they were under pressure to (police up) the marketplace which they were responsible for.

You see Ebay had this blanket statement basically saying hey were not responsible for what other people sell on our platform, its not our problem, were terribly sorry you got defrauded, but were just the middleman here and so were not responsible for what others may do on our campground.

So, think about it for a moment, you have a place where digital commerce is done on a daily basis and you have a participant in the sales process, who takes no responsibly in say the digital equivalent of a Prada handbag knock off being sold on its digital platform.

So you see, they “think” they have no responsibility but in actually like EBay, they do have a duty to protect members of the marketplace from a product that they know is questionable.

If someone is selling a Pradda, (fake or stolen) product, (digital in this case) then it is the duty of the seller or the marketplace to take action not just sit there and watch as they make money while they know people are getting ripped off.

Now that is not only a moral dilemma but it is one that demands change by congress and that is something that must be done for too long people have operated like the days of the wild wild west and that is something that must change.

Ebay saw the light and began a fraud program where users could report sellers that were doing questionable things, (think of it as the ebay police)

It worked and gradually what was a really serious Public Relations problem began to get better, it was a challenge but Ebay managed to reduce the number of fraudulent auctions until the selling platform before one of the most successful online auction platform of its time.

Its about doing the right thing if you walk by on the street and see a man or a woman laying injured in the street do you just walk by and do nothing?

Some do, but in the end its always about who steps up and does the right thing and that is something we need more of online.

If you see something wrong say something right, I mean there are a lot of these fly by night companies that intentionally seek to rob people and that is something that should be fixed.