Crypto Security Plus

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Just as the news media started to broadcast the first images of Russians doing the un-thinkable something odd started to happen.

People in many European areas began to place more deposits into Crypto coins.

Of course it could have been just coincidence or it might be because in exceptional situations like war. Nothing is really safe. Even people you think of as your friends might turn on you take your money your food.

People get robbed in camps anything you might have that is valuable is normally just taken from you.

This may be why the crypto market has started to pick up even when the stock markets have been down.

People realize that digital currency is safer because it is not easily detectable.

Digital money can offer a secure method of storing cash when even the banks close its doors or are destroyed in hostile actions.

When the smoke clears people can then make their way to a safe place where they can then access that digital money.

The truth is that when times get bad the banks will not protect your money.

Governments will not protect your money.

This is a very big thing and it is something that is what cryptocurrency is all about.

People are starting to see that using digital currency can help when things get really bad.