Criminal Fisa Abuse?

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This could be the biggest story you may not see on TV!

Question, did the democrats engage in criminal wrongdoing when they treated the fisa court as their own personal platform for generating a hoax!

Jim Jordan is a true American Patriot.

I hope that democrats will come to their senses…

Jim Jordan

What we are seeing here is a historic abuse of power that is both unconstitutional and allegedly criminal in nature.

That is a big problem for the Democratic National Party because much like the equally historic health care vote during the Obama Presidency not a single republican voted for “Obama Care” and the democrats changed the rules so that they could pass this monstrosity of a bill without the support of a majority of the American People.

They did it because they knew that it would never pass because the people were against it.

Now once again the democrats have changed the rules…

This time they have changed the rules so that one branch of our constitutional republic might rule over the other two.

What does this mean?

Quite simply what this means (IF it is allowed to stand) is that the house will have effectively stripped the executive branch of its duly mandated powers by both the people and the constitution.

Subverting the constitution.

The democrats are attempting to take over the government of the people by the people and for the people in favor of its own ruling scheme. This is both dangerous and unconstitutional.

The founding fathers wisely and with great thought and many Prayers created this republic with much forethought about the many dangers that they knew we would one day face as a nation.

They did this because they knew that some people wanted to rule over everyone else. They knew that in order to preserve this nation that we needed a system of checks and balances that would prevent one branch of government becoming too powerful and seeking to overthrow the other two branches in favor of just one powerful and likely corrupt branch of government seeking to enslave the rest of the people.

We know these things because we have seen many attempts over the years demonstrated through history that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Today we face the most corrupt abuse of power we have ever seen in this nation and should we fail to go and vote these political traitors out of office because we could not be bothered to vote…

Then you can expect to see an end of the American Way of Life…

This is not what your fathers and our fathers and the generations of Americans that came before us have given up their lives to defend and to preserve our way of life. This is not what the house of representatives was created to do, yet here we are…

What do we do next?

It is obvious that these democrats will do anything and everything to allegedly overthrow the duly elected government and that their corrupt methodology is unconstitutional and possibly even criminal.

There is one greatest thing that we as a nation can do to defeat these evil actors.


WE have to VOTE!

How did we get here?

People did not vote! That is why we are here right now too many people sat and watched the election on the TV instead of voting.

They thought that this could not happen!

They believed that there were too many righteous American Patriots and not enough of the opposition to take over the house.

They were wrong! They watched in horror as many of these same democrats that are now seeking to overthrow the government were elected but it was too late.

They did not think that their vote mattered…

In 2020 you have a chance to save this nation from those that would seek to destroy the presidency and the choice of the people indeed the constitution as well!

While we can not alone defeat this unjust and perhaps even illegal abuse of power by the democrats we can in many ways, defeat them. Financially supporting republican candidates verbally supporting America and with our voices stand up to the evil that seeks to destroy America like our fathers fathers did when they bled and died for the freedoms of this great nation has today!

But the most important thing that you can do and in fact everyone can do is to Vote!

WE cannot afford to sit on the couch and watch the election this time we must vote!

WE must be diligent and monitor corruption in this election process because make no mistake there will be corruption.

WE can see it on display on national TV just how corrupt and invalid the democrats actually have become.

Some Gave All!

IF you value this great nation that we built by the sacrifices the blood and the tears of many hundreds of thousands of men women and even children then without fail you must vote in 2020