Criminal Charges for Hillary?

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Could this be the end of the Clinton run for the presidency?

Not if the media have anything to say about it…

Yesterday a snot nosed man with the last name of Davis, attempted to muddy the water on the clinton matter but failed miserably.

The thing here is simple and clear, what is going on when one person thinks they are above the law and then wants to be the supreme leader of this nation?

Sounds funny right, we don’t have a supreme leader or do we not have one yet.


Secret Emails, Secret Servers in basement, sounds like a movie.
What if no one were above the law?


No matter how you rack it and pack it and stack it, these are not the actions of someone that the american people would trust to make life and sometimes not life decisions all around the world.

We know what good looks like and this is not it. 

No matter what the media come up with as a plausible story, no matter what the spin misters say this is or is not, (can you say its Bushes, fault) or hey here is a good one, its the republicans who are on a witch hunt, (opps wait that may be closer to the truth lets not use  that imagery, O)

The truth is most politicians you just can’t trust very much and they do not represent the voters, most of the time, we really need a leader not some one who is closed off to the truth and never admits when they make a mistake.

We need a real leader…