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by now most people know about the rapid spread of this virus.

One of the things that appear to be slightly odd is the way in which the data is being reported. Because of the way that the CDC has in recent history reported various statistics which were somewhat distorted.

In fact in some cases there appears to be a moral failure among CDC scientists who very likely but allegedly cooked the books when it came to some politically incendiary in its nature.

So, when we have see data that is misreported and or exaggerated so as to represent a particular point of view over time honored scientific standards which have been in place for many years.

Yet, here we are!

Can we trust the CDC?

The answer is probably not!

While this virus might be dangerous and it might lead to more serious variations (mutations) of the virus it still remains to be seen if any of the closures of schools, sporting events, concerts and any number of other steps that have been taken including the banning of the sales of guns, ammunition, alcohol as well as a number of other items which boggles the mind when you begin to look closer at the data that we currently have available.

Panic spreads as consumers begin to over purchase essential items.