Colt stops selling guns

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To the Public?

I know what your thinking…

Here we go again with this nonsense about a big gun manufacturer that has decided to stop selling to regular people.

You know WE the People. . .

So now Colt could actually be about to cease selling guns to the public and only sell guns to law enforcement and the Government.

But wait, is it not tax dollars that support purchases from law enforcement and the government? Ah.. Yes that is accurate. .

So If I have this correct since Roughly 30 million Colt’s pistols and rifles have been sold since Samuel Colt got a patent in 1836 for a firearm equipped with a revolving cylinder containing five or six bullets, the Uzi of its day. Until then, the state of the art was a single-shot flintlock pistol.

But now Colt is not going to sell to the public anymore?


If you own one now how will you make repairs?

How would you be able to upgrade or purchase parts?

This seems like a rather ignorant methodology.

Why do these CEO’s continue to do this kind of thing?

One thing seems clear the government is the people.

We are the People and I suspect that congress can cancel orders made to this company. . .

Wonder how that will go over?