Chris Wallace Racist?

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Is Chris Wallace a Racist?

Its possible, perhaps even probable, if you consign the idea that perhaps he is biased in favor of liberal mentations.

Just today, Mr. Chris Wallace was allowed to attack (not physically mind you) but verbally attack Ben Carson and no one defended the truth about the lie that Chris Wallace was talking about.

It was allegedly all lies, (or at least none of what Wallace was talking about made any sense) you know how these liberals take a small amount of truth and twist, turn, bend, fold and mutilate the truth of what their forked tongues seem bent on doing, distorting the truth.

When I see the kind of ignorance that some of these trash talking liberal heads but obviously without a brain to back up the possibility of the lies they allegedly tell, are just disgusting and it makes you ashamed of these people.

If Ben Carson where a democrat, how different would he be treated?

It was amazing back a short time ago when Chris Wallace was out there hawking his cookbook, you could see how he was tempering his attitude and sort of actually appearing to be more conservative, I guess anything to sell your cook book.

I find it just difficult to take someone like that seriously, you know how it is, to be honest I would sooner take the word of a used car salesman about something he was trying to sell to me than believing anything that comes out of the mouth of Wallace.

When I heard what he was doing on national TV the first thing that went through my mind was that what he was doing was wrong…


I believe that Mr Wallace should apologize, but he won’t, because liberals never do that unless they think they will loose their jobs and then there like Oh, My apologies, I misspoke, I didn’t meant it the way it sounded, then all is well.

But the real problem that I see is that there are two standards, Democrats can Apologize, (or go to a treatment facility)

And all is well, but a Republican must resign or go to jail, I think its ironic that these things seem to escape the minds of twisted liberal thinking.

One thing seems clear Mr Wallace has no Credibility at all.

How do you manage to speak with that forked tongue and still sleep at night…