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We have a Choice…

It is something that cannot be taken away unless you give it away and then that too is also a choice.

In the end we all choose one road or another, one car or another, a home to live in or a tent to make your own.

Some people even live in a bus while still others might live in a cardboard box.

It is not really about what your choice is but that you have that choice to make and of course sometimes it can happen that some people may not really have a big choice about where they are or what they wear and what they eat but in most everything in life a choice is what you get.

We have this choice because of who we are and that is human, we are human and thus we have that choice to live the way that we choose to live, some people choose one thing or another every single day and some of those choices lead to bad things but that is also a choice.

We have these choices because we were created by the hand of the Master.

You can be certain of one thing for sure that not all of our choices are good things not for us and not for others and you could imagine that this could cause the Master to be disappointed in some of our choices but regardless of how difficult a choice can be for others to see and to watch as bad things happen to good people who also make bad choices and good choices, we often watch just the same but one thing that God will not do is to keep you from your choice. He may try to discourage a bad road or even a bad car but in the end he does not force us to do what we should do and he does not force us to make the choices that we make and he does not prevent us from making a choice because he Created that choice for us…

We are all faced with a lot of choices every day.

Now however we are faced with a really big choice.

Do we sit and watch as others who have made bad choices and do not respect your choices to force you to do what you would not choose to do?

Do we just watch as corruption grows and continues to eat up the world as a predator would do with its prey.

The choice here is will we be the prey or will we choose to stop these corrupt people from trying to destroy the choices of everyone by pretending to do what they “think” is the right thing for everyone?

That is the choice, to sit and watch as you loose your freedoms, your homes, your means of protecting yourself from an ever more hostile society that does not care about you are your family.

Will we just sit here and do nothing because of how the Media have chosen to present what they think is the news and not what Millions of people know is the truth.

Just think about it for a moment, we have nine people who were afraid to do the right thing in this election because they were fearful that a very small group of paid thugs who go around bullying people and beating people up and destroying history while they call you names.

So would you find yourself sitting in the closet in your home cowering in fear because you are afraid to stand up for what is right and true?

OR would you choose to stand up and to demand that our nation represent the people of this nation and not a small group of elite and or bullies or thugs who do not represent the people of this nation?

We have seen more than enough evidence to understand what has happened in the name of reality they tried to put out the fire that burns in the souls of Millions and Millions of Patriots.

People who have risked their lives to make a better one for their children.

People who have worked hard to get what they have and are willing to work even harder to continue to be successful.

There are millions and millions of Patriots whose hearts still burn with the fire of freedom.

Corrupt officials may try to extinguish that fire in the name of a false reality that does not really exist.

Call it socialism or communism or any other type of false realities that promise utopia but deliver poverty and starvation and the mass murder of its own citizens.

Look it up…

These false realities kill millions of their own people and it has always been that way over and over again every single time that it has been tried…

It always ends the same way with Failure!

I am going to reveal a secret…

The reason why Socialism and Communism always fails is that it attempt to take away the choices that God gave mankind even children…

God Gave that to Man and Woman and you cannot take it away.

You may once again try but you will fail and when you sit in the ashes with nothing but bones piled high around you know this that We the People and We the Patriots will never give in.

We will never give up because the fire will continue to burn in our hearts and you will never win because you do not realize that you are not in control.

You do not realize the truth and that truth is that God is real and while you might deny it one day you will speak it and know it is the truth.

So, while our Supreme court Jesters may be afraid of the truth and they may be willing to look the other way as forces of darkness try to do the same things that have already failed time and again…

We will not Bow down to you and we will not be silenced.

You can kill us and you can burn us and you can do all manner of evil things but in the end you will fail because that is what always happens when people go against God.

No matter what choice you make just realize that no one has the right to take away your choices.

No one has the right to ignore the truth while everyone in the entire world sees what the truth actually is.

So while the Media may think that they have won this election, let me assure you that we will not comply with lies issued by the media and communists or socialists.

We will not comply…

You cannot make us comply and if you truly understood that you would not continue to insist that there is no universe where fraud changed the results of the election. You think that because you say something that makes it true but that is a choice that you made and we are not bound by that choice.

You may really believe that everything is going to return to normal but it will not because you tried to take away our choices.

You tried to lie to us but the truth came out anyway and you tried to insist that we did not see the truth.

But we did see the truth because that is our choice.

So, We have a choice, do we sit and watch as these “pretenders” try to fake their way into controlling this nation and fake their way into taking away your choices but it is not going to work.

You can sit on the sideline or you can get into the game and that is what we must do because we simply cannot allow others to make up reality with nothing but darkness and disaster.

Many of us may pay the price for your freedom because in the past that was what we required of us but that is about to change.

You are faced with a hard choice to sit still and wait to see what happens next or to hold the feet of those in Washington DC to the fire until they do the right thing.

We must have the truth and that is something simple enough that asking or demanding it is not too much to ask.

Choose Wisely…