Child Labor?

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Many years ago there were serious problems with child labor and many of these problems became a movement.

The biggest issue of child labor was that children were being literally worked to death.

Images of the faces of haunted souls who worked until their fingers bled and then worked more.

Haunted expressions of the loss of youth…

So there are hundreds of thousands of children in this nation and of a more serious concern is that there are now hundreds of thousands more illegal alien children who are in this nation because they were released in states like Texas.

Many of these kids have no money and they have no way to protect themselves or feed themselves.

Many of them are turning to labor in factories.

Before you get all offended consider one thing.

What can they do… Of course nothing makes any of this right… but

They are being released to fend for themselves.

The democrats are in charge…

Perhaps they had a plan where they would cross the border and meet up with their parents who were also on the way but perhaps something prevented them from getting to where their children were.

The big story is that in the State of Alabama it appears that there are some children that were working in a supply chain for companies that “allegedly might have some connection to KiA”. This has been reported by Reuters.

Children worked for at least four Alabama parts suppliers to Hyundai and Kia in recent years, Reuters found. Staffing agencies placed migrant minors in plants where regulations ban kids from working. State and federal authorities are investigating.

What happens when title 42 stops?

There are going to be thousands of kids between the ages of 7 and 19 many of whom will be transported to other locations.

Some of them that are older may indeed be exploited and others that are still younger may be subject to horrible living conditions.

Where will this nightmare end?

One thing is clear this is owned by the Democrats.

They are the ones that are allowing this to happen…

We are faced with a terrible truth.

Millions of undocumented aliens are living and many are working also…

Many of these need medical attention.

This will likely cause the price of medical care to rise even higher than it is now.

The border crisis is about to become unmanageable.

Will people ever wake up?



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