Child Exploitation?

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Thunberg a victim?

German MP’s: Thunberg may be victim of child abuse

When you examine the linear position of the eyes one of them the left one is positioned at an angle suggestive of severe emotional disturbance perhaps even a mental health issue. (Another explanation) might be a medical issue. When the eyeball rolls partially back into the ocular cavity as shown in the image it could be an indication of a serious health issue. (it is not normal) Notice the baring of the teeth, the facial features appear to be one of extreme hate but how could that be possible? She is afterall just 16 right? How could she be experiencing hate to this degree unless… either it is a byproduct of programming or conditioning or a more problematic health issue. No matter what this child needs help…

either this child is in need of a medical intervention or she is as suggested a possible victim of abuse as the strange position of the eyes indicate possible serious mental health issues or worse yet a potential brain tumor. Whatever is going on with this young lady she needs to seek help.

Upward deviation of the eye or eyes

medical evidence and case studies.

Oculogyric crisis (OGC) is the name of a dystonic reaction to certain drugs or medical conditions characterized by a prolonged involuntary upward deviation of the eyes. The term “oculogyric” refers to the bilateral elevation of the visual gaze, but several other responses are associated with the crisis. There are indicators that could point to severe emotional disability and or a serious medical illness.