Charlie Sheen crazy?

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Is Charlie Sheen really crazy?

Is this a big giant publicity stunt?

Does he really need help?

Could he be in need of a medication for schizophrenia or perhaps as some has suggested bi polar.

Most certainly he is angry and perhaps rightfully so.

In one picture he looks like someone that has eyes as big as wagon wheels, in yet another picture he looks almost normal.
Yet again he looks angry and in a fugue state. Still it is anyone guess what is actually going on, perhaps he is crazy, and in need of help.

If that is true, then someone should help him, send in John Rambo, or someone just like him and I guarantee that results will be had.

If he needs help he should have it, like it or not, but if he is playing some complicated game, then of course hopefully he has the best legal advice money can buy.

It is strange to watch, while we have seen some celebrities recently be charged with serious crimes, and still others, going to jail, and others being punished as an example for others, so in reality, what proof do we have other than a video, which frankly is not beyond his still as an actor.

Still, it is a concern, you have to wonder what is really going on, I look at CBS and think you know what, the guy is ill, and the first thing you want to do is try to save some money, that just plain is wrong and I do not like it, I hope that he gets help if he needs it, we just do not know, simply because the media has blown this entirely out of proportion. There is no real way to know for sure, I know I do not trust in the networks take on the situation, I suspect that they have acted in violation of the agreement and that the union should be stepping in to settle things down.

One way or another, one can only hope for the best in this situation, hopefully this is all just an act and all will be revealed later much to the disappointment of the slackers in Holly dude, land.

In some ways I can understand at least some of the behavior, but not all of it, If he proves a point at how the media can distorts the facts so far out of the realm of truth that no one knows for sure what is really going on, then perhaps it was worth it, again though if he is truly troubled and needs help someone should step up and man up to get him the help he needs like it or not.

That is what friends are for, and if he has no friends, then those low lifers that are hanging around him need to go to jail if something happens to CS.