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Election Fraud on the rise

Voting machines that switch votes?

Hundreds of thousands of ballots?

More voters than residents in towns?

Once again we see many of the bad behaviors that have plagued US elections for many years including the dead rising to vote.

Incentives voting,  There are always a few situations where fraud rises up to create a problem and voter ID laws have proven very effective in reducing the chances for fraud, if you have to show ID to buy over the counter cold medicine and for every other service why not voting?

There is not real reason not to do this because everyone has a voting ID, its just the way it is, in this modern world where we live, the truth is fewer than 1 percent of all voters have an ID, most of those have plenty of other ID that will allow them to vote so were talking about only a few people out of millions and that is the truth which means that the argument that voters will not be able to vote is just foolish.


union special interest

Unions win special interests?

what is it about the unions that they seem to always get the better end of the stick?

We have to ask,

Is Fox news a real news company?

Why has fox news not covered this news story?

What up, and why has Fox news failed to cover this news item, could it be that allegedly they are not as fair and balanced as they claim to be.

CNN allegedly fails to cover the news yet again so we will bring it to your attention.

So Let me understand this now we have allegedly 111 yes that is one hundred and eleven different companies that now do not have to abide by the new health care law, allegedly?

And None of the Congress has to nor does anyone at the white house, which leaves, the rest of us, so if your not working for a union, then your what out of luck, this is corruption and needs to be put down, because there are laws about political corruption and this needs to be investigated, but wait, they dont care about that do they they only go after white over weight people like Christie?   I sure hope this hope and change, gets started up soon because at this rate we are all in a lot of trouble if this is the hope you voted for, I am not sure we can stand much more change.