Category: TSA jackass

  • troy davis innocent?

    Is he innocent, and if he is should the white people in Georgia be putting this man to death?

  • Time Anti American?

    Is Time Anti American and if they are should they be allowed to tread on America, should they rather be asked to leave this nation if they do not like it here? Seems reasonable… When a company begins to be so unhappy with living in America perhaps its time for them to close their doors…

  • Woman detained for documenting TSA abuse?

    screaming OPT OUT, OPT OUT, OPT OUT, WHY DO THIS, IS IT SO THAT THE PERSON WILL NOT DARE TO DEFY THE TSA A SECOND TIME, BECAUSE, THEY ARE BEING INTIMIDATED? Screaming and yelling, what good does that do, if someone were in fact in there to do damage they would act right away, which…