Category: stupidity

  • the Failure of the FED

    The FED has failed to make any kind of impact on the economy. They want to see inflation go down but they have no real authority to make that happen. So they continue to do the one thing that they can do and that is to raise the interest rates. Sadly that has not worked…

  • high fuel prices Again!

    Well tighten your lap strap folks here we go again. In a quiet news story a big problem with the supply of Fuel in the USA! One of the biggest problems America faces is the supply of Fuel not because we don’t have any but because Political forces have created the problem that caused prices…

  • troy davis innocent?

    Is he innocent, and if he is should the white people in Georgia be putting this man to death?

  • Will an Innocent be put to death in Georgia?

    Is this where you want to live, in a State where no evidence is required in order to put a man to death, is it right? What is going to happen now in Georgia, would you want to live in a state where whites put blacks to death?

  • Time Anti American?

    Is Time Anti American and if they are should they be allowed to tread on America, should they rather be asked to leave this nation if they do not like it here? Seems reasonable… When a company begins to be so unhappy with living in America perhaps its time for them to close their doors…