Palin is right

Will the liberal media never cease to pervert the truth with lies? We ask this question because of all the hate filled speech that some liberal networks and newspapers have engaged in over the last few days. It is the most perverse thing I have ever seen, finger pointing, blame, in complete political nonsense, the […]

is Lisa Murkowski a RINO

Come November We will Remember… So they think that were to stupid to remember, too stupid to realize that we have been lied to, too stupid to vote them out of office. Time to send this liberal a message NO MEANS NO… Remember this when its time to vote because these are the people that […]

Republicians make mistake

Looks like the republicans are allegedly stupid as the dems are Could the Repubs be in trouble at this late hour, after almost an assured victory in November they seem to allegedly be making all the wrong mistakes playing into the hands of the democrats. This is just crazy, you know what If the republicans […]