are the people in washington Evil?

We have to ask this because there are just too many things that have happened, the most recent is that the GOP has refused to remove Lisa

GOP Senators decided to give liberal RINO Lisa Murkowski political cover in her run to defeat the Conservative Republican nominee, Joe Miller.

Republican Senators were supposed to vote to remove Murkowski from her leadership positions on key committees – since she obviously can’t be a Republican leader when she was voted out by her constituents and is now working to defeat the Republican candidate.

Every single one that voted for this should be removed, yes, that means you.

Vote them out we do not need this kind of leadership in Washington.
You know what this is just the last straw, we no longer support the GOP because the GOP no longer supports the American people and now its time to vote those bums out of office.
If you are tired of all this trash in Washington it is time to clean house.


November comes

We are the People and in November it will be time to throw the old bums out and vote in all new bums…

Just Remember, Come November,
We Will Remember.

We will not forget, what has been done in the name of the liberals.

You know what we have not forgotten, I have it up on a post it note, I have it up on a calendar, I have it up where I will not forget.

It is time, to vote them out.

Remember when you did not get a cost of living increase, because they said that inflation was not that hard, on the old folks, funny how everything costs more than last year, where did these guys go to school, because it looks like every thing is higher.

it is getting closer yet, we have Harry Reid, now trying to pass a bill inside a defense bill, now that is just plain wrong. In what world does a man who is trying to get re elected, do something like this?

Why would Harry try this, because this is very very unpopular.

So now its time to vote Harry out of office because of doing things like this, he must be voted out.


Fox news distorting the news?

Is fox news distorting the news?

Just have to ask, because we keep seeing all this negative talk and use of buzz words.

So what is going on with Fox, why are they playing games with words, because it seems as if this is just stupid crap.

We keep seeing, the use of the word activists, in fox news dialogs, why is that?

This is just not what we have come to expect from fox news.

No less then 5 different times this morning on Fox news they have used the term activists, when referring to the Tea party.

This is what NBC, and CBS and MSNBC, does, so why that is what I wonder why do they do this because those networks, are not at the top of the ratings charts.

So why are people at fox news doing that?

Answer that question, because for some reason I am beginning to see some very disturbing trends over at fox news.

The correct term for the Tea party, is Supporter, just like every other party in this election cycle, the term Activism, is is derogatory.

As such that is wrong, shame on fox news for using such terms on the air, it is not only unfair but stupid.

Why is this alleged, spin happening because it really seems odd, that fox news may be playing games with the news.

What is going on over there, who is in charge of production because it looks like some liberal garbage.

What is going on at Fox news?

Why are they playing games, why are they acting allegedly stupid?


Karl Rove

So what is up with Karl Rove, and why is he not supporting O’donnel?

I hope Rove has some better reason than just what goes around, because it sure does not look like much of a reason so far.

When the people of a state elect a candidate and this lady is deserving of your support we have to ask just what Mr. Rove has against this candidate.

It just seems strange, when you have divisions, will the democrats win because the republicans cannot get their act together?

So we have RINO problems, every where you look.

Republicans in name only

So what is up with Castle, and why is he acting like the fox and the sour grapes? (allegedly)

We have to ask because of the recent comments that the republican party will not support O’donnell in the upcoming election, will this back fire on the repubs, because this is really not ethical, (allegedly)

Will the democrats win because the repubs cannot support a candidate that the people of DE have elected?

Why will the republicans, risk making the independents mad?

What could be worth that risk, could it be that they are not true patriot?

You decide.

You know what the republican’s had better figure out where the support comes from and that is we the people.


America will it stand?

There seems to be a fundamental problem in understanding recently with regard to some really serious problems which is being ignored by the Media including the Vaunted, “Fair and Balanced” Fox news.

It just seems to be such a strange world that we live in where there are almost no news sources that you can trust.

In a world where the President of the United States can make a special “appeal” for a small (less than 50 member) church in the State of Florida, Now this is something that really worries, many people because it sends a message that its ok for people to burn the flag and burn anything else they wish to burn.

But not in this case?

Burning any kind of book is really not a good thing, look at what the Nazis, did, it is a problem.

However, what really seems to be the issue here is the readiness of some to defend tolerance, yet deny Families of US soldiers, the peace and “Tolerance” of being able to lay their loved ones to rest in peace.

Enter the Pretend “Baptist” church, I say pretend because they do not represent the Baptist faith nor its organization in any way, yet the media proclaims them to be a “Baptist” church and has never bothered
to correct it.

We see this over and over again, last year in so many different stories.

  • Banned Christmas trees, (where is the Tolerance)
  • In public prayers, (where is the tolerance)
  • In letting our children learn about our religious history, (where is the tolerance)
  • In allowing alleged, Left representing organizations such as the ACLU to sue people into submission about
    praying at a school event. (where is the tolerance)
  • In praying at sports events, for the safety of our children, (where is the tolerance)
  • In the Ten commandments, being posted in a court room. (where is the tolerance)

It seems that tolerance is everywhere these days as long as it is concerning Muslim’s but not Christians.

(where is the tolerance)


Tea Party

It appears that the Tea party now has to also fight alleged bias at Fox news too, with words being used like “tea party activists” used in the fox and friends show, which allegedly may not be so friendly to the tea party, what is up with that, at least on one instance Gretchen used the word supporters, thanks Gretch, that is appreciated.

It just seems so odd to Americans that support this party, that the media is all allegedly against them.

The media hates the Tea Party?

So after weeks of Media Bias and all kinds of smear campaigns from the left, the Tea Party is doing better than ever, in fact with Sarah Palin endorsing more canidates that are genuine conservative in both thought and nature it seems the attempts of the left to hurt Palin will have failed.

So now it appears that the tea party is now the target of liberals, in fact it is rumored that liberals, are behind the latest binges of alleged attacks by the ACLU and other liberal organizations which apparently have become the alleged pawns of large cash rich liberal organizations.

This is a real problem because it appears to observers that people are getting used in particularly bad ways.

Why do people allow themselves to be used in this way?


Burning the Koran?

Update, the burning of the Koran has been temporarily delayed, as the Pastor schedules talks that may help in fostering religious tolerance of course this will not stop them from burning the American flag…

But perhaps it is a step in the right direction.

You, know when you think about respect, this life is filled with strife, there is hardly a day that goes by where some thing or another is not a problem or some trouble comes to pay you a visit, yet we find a way to over come, we do not worry about how a problem feels.

We just find a way to over come that problem.

Respect should be an evenly spaced event, you would think that if you want respect you would in turn be willing to give that respect.

The problem here is not respect it is the willingness to live in peace.

When you watch the video below you will not see a people that are interested in living in peace and that is the problem, you cannot appease a tyrant.

In this story we have two problems, one is that we have a man who is tired of not having any respect, in a world where it is ok to burn a bible and it is ok to burn the American flag, and it is ok to ban public prayer in our schools, and it is no longer politically correct to have a Christmas tree, this man is tired of no respect.

I tend to agree with the way he feels, but I do not believe that burning a Koran is the way to achieve the respect he desires.

Is Burning the Koran Un American?

I have to ask this because this is interesting to me, because they continually burn the American Flag, and they Cut off the heads of Reporters, Thats all ok, really its ok to burn the American flag?

It must be because you see it all the time, no respect for America, but now in a news story at Fox news, we see that the state department is calling the plan to burn a Koran as Un American.

But burning the flag is ok right? Wrong, it is not ok, and until they stop doing that then why should I support the state department?

It just makes no sense.

This is a double standard, if they expect respect then perhaps they should show some respect.

To be honest, I feel that neither should be allowed, but if they can burn our flag, then the freedom to do either should be available to the same people, respect is a two way street.


Arizona problems continue as Washington allegedly does nothing…

What is going on in Washington, in a time where we have so many problems, why is Washington allegedly dismissing cases against illegal aliens?

Is Arizona in trouble, will John McCain do anything to stop the evil that is happening…

What will they do to help, or will they keep on doing nothing…


This Should not Be, Send the GOP a message.

I have to just say that the GOP is just not my Party any Longer, because this is not right, so if you can help us send a message to the GOP and let them know that we will not put up with this kind of garbage.

We saw this in the Alaska, Race, where the GOP was preparing to Steal the Election, and the candidate did the right thing and conceded.  The Gop allegedly were preparing to do the chad thing and count and recount until they won.

That my friends is not acceptable, if the GOP does not start doing the right thing here, independents, will soon out number Republicans.

We will not put up with cowards in office.

Friends – today I celebrate my 37th birthday, and as I do so, myself and the team at the Tea Party Express face one of our greatest challenges to date.  The political establishment are battling us tooth-and-nail to defeat our conservative constitutionalists candidate for U.S. Senate (Christine O’Donnell) and are trying to ram through their candidate – liberal RINO Mike Castle.

These folks in the GOP establishment want MORE Lindsay Grahams, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe’s, John McCain’s etc…

These people in the establishment are the same ones who supported Arlen Specter when he was a Senator in Pennsylvania.

The media and the political establishment do not understand there is a political revolution taking place in this country.

We The People, are rising up to elect true constitutional conservatives, and not people who will “play the game” of big government, special interest politics that lead to tax-spend-bailout policies.

So here’s what I’m asking for as my birthday present for today – please join with me and help us support Christine O’Donnell’s campaign.  My own present to myself is that I am now making a personal contribution to Christine’s campaign.

I’m asking you to please join me.

We have just increased our MoneyBomb goal for O’Donnell to $250,000 and you can help us blow past that goal by making a contribution – HERE.


Cusack looses touch?

Recent reports about the alleged mental health of John Cusack represents a disturbing trend in media reporting.

Did John Cusack loose touch with his sanity or was this just another star so full of himself that he just forgot that he was human?

We have to ask, because the guy was well respected and I do not recall, ever seeing Fox news do anything to this guy, that is what is so whack.

If the guy does not apologize, I am done watching his movies, I am sick and tired of these monkeys out there spewing hate.

What is wrong with these haters, cant they get help from a doctor?

Sure hope the guy gets some help cause allegedly only a sick individual would hate this much.

According to Fox news,


I just have to wonder why do people do this, do they think they are above the law?

Do they think that they deserve to be able to make threats in public?

What is wrong with this type of behavior?

The facts here may yet to be told, but one thing for sure, this kind of hate is not good, if you are someone you know is having mental health issues, including allegedly Cusack, get some help.