No Apology nessessary…

We do not need anyone to apologize to the world because of the brave men and women that gave their lives protecting the freedom of others. What do you believe is the truth, do our fathers, and grandfathers, die for nothing? They would not have ever apologized to anyone, like the man said on D […]

Washington looses again, headline…

What would happen, if they won? Would America be better off, is this the change you voted for? Well lets see, an estimated, 100 thousand people out of work. The price of Gas and oil and everything they touch going up and up and up, can you say $8.00 per gallon? This is an amazing […]

financial reform bill unpopular

So what is next, take over, the snow stand on the corner? Has this administration ruined the call for reform by doing the opposite of what was really needed. Reform in all its shapes, is a dirty word these days… Is the financial bill now dead? After, weeks of discussion, there still not decision, on […]

Rasmussen reports?

A whopping huge, percentage of Americans are not confident in congress, ok so where is the story, Those donkeys in congress are a bunch of rubber stamp, cigar smoking liberals, or are they? Why would anyone be confident in congress? Ask your self this question, how many of you have ever met your representative face […]