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Gas prices higher?

The media have been harping on the rising gas prices for weeks now.

Its like they have some kind of a problem with the lower cost of fuel?

Why would they?   Its not like they are pumping gas right?

Well no they are not pumping gas most of those in the media that tout the rising price of gas are not even using gas, they don’t even drive to work.

Its sort of funny when you look at all the ignorance of the media.

So you don’t need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise?

Really, can you see a pattern here, we sure do, the media seem to have some kind of an issue with the price of gas, could it be that they are not being fair or is it that they have some kind of reason for advocating for higher gas prices?

We think that its a message and its a message that someone wants to encourage.

That is something that makes you wonder about how meaningful the media really are these days.

It makes you think that perhaps you might be better off looking at other means of getting your news, because its obvious that the media cannot be trusted to be truthful.

high gas prices

Oil prices soar?

$5.00 Gas? When will the price gouging end?

Well, it looks like hyper inflation may be here folks, and if your not stocked up on a few staples you could find sticker shock something to really worry about in the very near future.


Inflation is near was Glenn Beck right all along.

As prices at the pump continue to go up so will the cost of food, since 99 percent of all food is transported in tractor tailors, the higher cost of diesel is going to cause a food price crisis and it is going to happen soon if Washington does not act to increase the amount of oil available by releasing some of the oil reserves.

Well over the last few days, we have see near steady media publications stating that oil would be going up up and up again, well not surprising is the self fulfilling prophesy of the media has actually taken place, psychologically speaking if you say that the sky is green long enough people will believe it.

So now do we have higher gas prices just because of the media and how they are covering the news?

As the media talking heads continue to talk and talk and talk, do they have a financial interest in Gas prices, do they own gas stock could this be considered, insider trading? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, people who are reporting the news have a financial interest in the market they should not be in the position of manipulation of the market by being on TV.

One thing for sure, the idea that the cost per gallon for gas may hit an all time high is the USA is not just for Glenn Beck.

Some allegedly are predicting 6 to 10 dollars per gallon for gas because of the ban on drilling in the gulf the cost of gas could get very very high.

What will you do when Gas goes to 5 dollars a gallon, what about 8 dollars a gallon?

When your making less money at work and the cost to go to work is more than your making what happens then?

Will the rest of the world help us like we have always helped them when they needed it?

All you can do is hope but I would not hold your breath.